Faith Laboratory in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Reverse engineering the interactions between our diets, our gut microbes and microbiome, and our health


Jeremiah FaithAssociate Professor
Graham BrittonInstructor 
Ilaria MognoInstructor 
Varun Aggarwala Postdoc 
Lukas Bethlehem Postdoc 
Matt SpindlerMD/PhD student 
Tamar PlittPhD student 
Alice Chen-LiawMD/PhD student 
Joan ShangMD/PhD student 
Zhihua LiLaboratory technician 
Kai MeadMaster's student 
Alix PiessevauxVisiting postbac scholar 


Sean Llewellynformer MD/PhD studentU. Colorado resident
Eduardo Contijoch former MD/PhD student Stanford resident
Josh Borgerdingformer MD/PhD studentcompleting medical school
Chao Yangformer PhD studentKingdom Supercultures
gap-year and masters trainees2 veterinary school, 1 MD school, 1 MDPhD school

Lab photos